I need to give a huge shout out to Kelsey Vagnoni of Personalized Physical Therapy. Just over two months ago, I consulted with her for my diastasis recti. I had a 6 cm separation, which if you know anything about diastasis, is very severe. Anyway, I'm happy to report that after only two months of working with Kelsey, my separation is just over 2cm (less than 2cm is considered normal). Hopefully, by next month, the separation will be less than 2cm and I can get back to working out like I used to. I'm ecstatic that I went from the possibility of surgery, to nearly normal. Each time I see Kelsey, she is very professional and empathetic-the perfect combination of knowledge and bedside manner.

If you are struggling with any post partum PT issues, I highly suggest you reach out to her. I can't sing her praises loud enough.


I saw Kelsey for prenatal visits in my third trimester and then postpartum soon after baby was born. She is brilliant, skilled, professional and extremely friendly. She works with my schedule while also working around the toddlers and my newborn. I believe she was instrumental in my quick labor as well as my speedy recovery. I was having terrible back and hip pain and Kelsey helped to get rid of that as well as the horrible shoulder pain I created from poor posture while breastfeeding. I highly recommend Kelsey!


Kelsey is not only an amazing physical therapist, but an absolute joy to be around. I had been suffering chronic knee pain for years before I saw Kelsey. I was skeptical about getting results from PT, but she had me up and running in a matter of months. I highly recommend her services!!


I can’t recommend Kelsey enough! She’s very knowledgeable in what she does, and really helps you understand the issues going on with your body. She’s so friendly and compassionate which makes treatment that much better. She really helped me heal from giving birth to twins, and I am so happy I found her!


Kelsey has been a pleasure to work with. I had tried doing physical therapy through my HMO to address a hip injury. It was a horrible experience that was ineffective and left me unsure of what the problem was. A few months later, I was pregnant with my second child and my hip pain became unbearable. I had trouble walking, going up the stairs, and bending over to put my toddler into her crib. At our first appointment/assessment she was able to explain to me what she thought was happening with my hip and how we can go about trying to fix it. Initially, we met weekly and after only a few appointments my pain was about 90% gone. I met with her throughout my pregnancy to ensure good alignment and to keep my hip in check as my body stretched and expanded. I plan to have her assess me after the new baby arrives - checking for diastasis recti and my c-section scar. I highly recommend Kelsey. She was professional, knowledgeable, and 100% effective at addressing an issue that my HMO PT was unable to explain or resolve in a timely manner.


I'm amazed that Kelsey was able to help me so much in four visits. My csection was two years ago - I wish I had found her back then. But I'm so thankful she helped me recover and regain my strength and comfort.


I have had a very long recovery process for my diastisis recti healing journey. I have had DR since my first preganancy 8 years ago. After my 3rd pregnancy, my DR was the worst it's ever been. I had a over 4 cm separation and had tried multiple DR exercise programs, diet changes, and felt like I was at the end of my rope. I got a referral for Kelsey from my midwife at Bay Area Midwifery. Kelsey evaluated my situation with so much attention, care and knowledge. Even through my recovery exercises she encouraged me to keep at it, and not give up on myself even if I wasn't seeing results right away. She helped me eliminate exercises that were making my DR worse, so I could be on the path to recovery. She helped release and improve my problem areas in my body that were causing pain/tightness that I didn't even know was there! She always answered my questions and emails very promptly and supported me every single step of the way. Kelsey was also super personable, friendly, and easy to talk to. I loved how she could come into my home despite her busy schedule and make us feel so comfortable. I am now less than a cm and gap has nearly closed! I am so grateful for her expertise and amazing skill with postpartum healing! Thank you Dr. Vagnoni!!


I don’t know I would have been after my first pregnancy if I hadn’t met Kelsey!! She is so knowledgeable, very thorough (plus she comes to you, which is so helpful postpartum) and really takes the time to care for her patients. I can’t say enough good things about the work she does.



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